Draft: 2019 Alabama PRSA Board

Revised 11-7-2018

In accordance with the chapter’s bylaws, a nominating committee was convened to present a proposed slate of officers and directors to serve during 2019. The nominating committee included John Matson, APR (president-elect), Missy Burchart, APR, Julie Senter, APR, and Philip Poole, APR, Fellow PRSA.

Per the chapter bylaws, additional nominations, if any, shall be accepted at the Annual Meeting, provided the nominees have been contacted and agree to serve if elected.

President – John Matson, APR

President-Elect – Rachel Olis, APR

Treasurer – Robin DeMonia

Secretary/Assistant Treasurer – Meg Burton, APR

Immediate Past-President – Philip Poole, APR, Fellow PRSA


Accreditation – David Majors, APR, Julie McKinney, APR, Joy Carter, APR

Communications – Capstone Agency with Teri Henley, APR

Ethics – Robby Johnson, APR

Diversity – Kara Kennedy, Roy Williams

Membership – Adam Pope, Polly Manuel, Briana Bryant

Professional Development – Erin Vogt

Programs – Christina Almanza, APR, Betsy Emmons, APR, Patti Conwell, APR

Huntsville Coordinator – Erin Walker

Mobile Coordinator – Ally Dorrough

Montgomery Coordinator – Abby Basinger


1st year director-at-large – Philip Poole, APR, Fellow PRSA

2nd year director-at-large – Missy Burchart, APR

3rd year director-at-large – Julie Senter, APR


Assembly Delegate (1 year) – Dave Rickey, APR

Assembly Delegate (2 years) – Philip Poole, APR


PRSSA Chapter Liaisons

Alabama State – Lori Quiller, APR

Auburn – Brandon Wilson, APR

Jacksonville State – Buffy Lockette, APR

Mississippi State – Philip Poole, APR, Fellow PRSA

Samford – Christina Crowe

University of Alabama – Sara Franklin, APR

UAB – Savannah Koplon

South Alabama – Brittany Gibson