Thank you for your interest in the Alabama chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Our more than 170 members include some of the most respected individuals working for the biggest and best companies in our state. We are the #1 resource for communication professionals in Alabama.


It's hard to believe that 2018 is already upon us! Your chapter leadership has been hard at work planning a fantastic year of programs, networking and events. After consultation with the chapter's Nominating Committee, incoming 2018 President Philip Poole at the November luncheon presented a slate of candidates for the chapter's 2018 Board of Directors. This esteemed slate of volunteers will be voted on at the December 12 luncheon.

Thank you to these PR professionals who have graciously volunteered their time and talents to benefit our chapter and our members!


Philip Poole, APR

President-elect (2019)

John Matson, APR

Secretary/Assistant Treasurer

Meg Burton, APR *


Carl Carter, APR *

Immediate past president

Missy Burchart, APR

Accreditation co-chairs

Joy Carter, APR
Sara Franklin, APR
David Majors, APR *

Ethics chair

Stacy Smith, APR

Program co-chairs

Audrey Atkins *
Morgan Black
Bryan Council

Membership co-chairs

Kara Kennedy
Adam Pope
Alicia Rohan *


Erin Vogt / Peritus

Diversity co-chairs

Cristina Almanza, APR
Toni Herrera-Bast, APR *
Roy Williams

Professional development co-chairs

David Rickey, APR
Betsy Emmons, APR
Bailey Fuqua

1st year director-at-large

Missy Burchart, APR *

2nd year director-at-large

Julie Senter, APR *

3rd year director-at-large

Kevin Storr, APR *

Assembly Delegate (2 years)

Philip Poole, APR *

Assembly Delegate (2 years)

David Rickey, APR *

Assembly Delegate (1 year)

Missy Burchart, APR *

PRSSA Coordinator

Teri Henley, APR

Alabama State PRSSA liaison

Lori Quiller, APR

Auburn PRSSA liaison

Brandon Wilson, APR *

Jacksonville State PRSSA liaison

Buffy Lockette, APR *

Mississippi State PRSSA liaison

Kevin Storr, APR*

Samford PRSSA liaison

Christina Crowe

U of Alabama PRSSA liaison

Sara Franklin, APR *

UAB PRSSA liaison

Joseph Bryant

Mobile coordinator

Ally Dorrough

Montgomery coordinator

Abby Basinger

North Alabama coordinator

Erin Walker

 *  serving a second year


Senior Practitioners/Higher Ed

Anne Buckley, APR

Southeast District Chair-elect

Kevin Storr, APR

PRSA National Treasurer

Garland Stansell, APR